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I'm a 70 yr-old woman and I go barefaced with ZENJOY Silkstone Barbie. People notice and comment on the smooth texture of my skin. Even without makeup, my face glows and looks healthy.  - Bing V.

I've been extremely excited using your products. I finally have my eczema under control. Thanks so much, you're a lifesaver.  - Nicole F.

Joie is a joy! I was privileged to be part of a ZENJOY facial acupuncture event...It was a heavenly experience. Joie's great expertise and calm and engaging personality made every step of the process enjoyable and educational. And my skin looks amazing!  - Beata B.

I cannot say how much ZENJOY's Ozias Skin Saver has helped my toddler son. When he was only a few months old, he had a pretty bad diaper rash, a few in fact. I think I must've tried every diaper cream out there on the shelves, including no diaper cream at all, just bare bottom for a few hours. The only thing that helped was ZENJOY's Skin Saver. It healed the rash almost over night. And when it looks like he's about to get a rash, I use it and it prevents a rash from forming. 
I also use anywhere on my son's skin (belly, arms, legs, and face especially during dry winter months and hot summer days) for dry spots and redness. 
Her ingredients are all natural, homemade and created with her healing hands. Application is smooth. The consistency feels like muddy cream out of the container but the natural warmth of your hands/fingers melt it to its oil form that is soothing when applied to the affected area. The natural fragrance is subtle but calming. I highly recommend it to anyone, especially to new moms wanting a natural way to soothe, heal, and protect your little one's gentle skin.
  - Marie S.

Ozias heals it then Silkstone Barbie smoothed it. More than 2 thumbs up...see my smooth stomach now? I can go back to modeling after three kids!  - Barbara W.

I have tried a few other charcoal tooth powders, they were good products, BUT Miles Smiles Tooth & Gum Powder is excellent.  I rate it #1. The Chinese herbal formula is incredible, healing the teeth, gums, mouth from inside and out. I have experienced after using one jar of Miles Smiles: The clearing of heavy plaque deposits and tartar, reduction of cavities/decay in some of my teeth. My teeth feel and look cleaner.
For the first time in my life, I really enjoy brushing my teeth. I have a long road to addressing all my dental issues.  Miles Smiles is helping me achieve better dental health.  - Lucita G.

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Aesthetic Acupuncture for scar reduction and patient reported immediate positive results! Doesn’t she look blissed out here?